Built4TheHunt's Frequently Asked Questions


Of course! Just Search "Alpha Team" and you'll find an application for our ambassador program.

Any job openings we have and how to apply will be posted under the "careers" tab in the footer menu at the bottom of the home page.

Built4TheHunt works with a variety of vendors and shipping will vary depending on the vendor. Products shipped directly from our warehouse are sent within 1-2 business days and you will receive those products within 1-3 days.

International shipping is upon special request only. Please email customerservice@built4thehunt.com to find out more about getting products to you.

Several items come directly from our warehouse but many of the supplements are mailed directly from the supplement companies themselves. So you may receive your products in multiple packages. Please email customerservice@built4thehunt.com if you have not received tracking for any missing products.

Our nutrition specialists are finishing their national dietitian registrations and once that is complete we will begin taking clients for specific meal plans and advice.

We work with a number of trainers and training companies to provide plans and options for everyone. Please email customerservice@built4thehunt.com with your interest into training plans and we will guide you to the right plan to help you meet your goals.

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