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Plan provided by: Eric Wells 
(B4H Team Member & Certified Trainer/Strength Coach)

Whether you have a backcountry elk hunt coming up, a hike in Patagonia, a backpacking trip across Alaska, or any other outdoor adventure, making sure your body is in shape for the experience is critical to your success and enjoyment. Often times we see that people don't have the muscle and strength for some of these trips and no matter how good your mental game is, if you aren't physically ready for the challenge you wont make it. Gaining muscle and strength for that next adventure, or just for personal goals, we have created an easy to follow plan to do just that.

The Basics:

K.I.S.S, keep it simple stupid, an acronym I have found to love in all of my trainer exploits with my clients and myself. In my years of training I have found that usually the most successful programs are often the simplest. A mentor of mine once told me, “if YOU want to be strong and you want your clients/athletes to be strong, then you must be GREAT at the basics” That’s just what this program is, meat and potatoes, emphasizing the basics for the hunter and adventurer wanted to add strength and build muscle through their training program.

The absolute BEST thing you can do in your training, and with this program, is be CONSISTENT. Do not miss, if you have to miss a day make it up on one of your scheduled rest days. I guarantee you will experience some sort of positive result in any type of training if you stay consistent. This program is designed for intermediate-advanced lifters. If you are just beginning on your strength training journey, I highly recommend the 5x5 protocol, or Jim Wendler’s 5,3,1 boring but big program.


  • Protein: Casein Protein from Legion Athletics or Kaged Muscle
  • Creatine: Kaged Creaclear or Bucked Up SIX POINT CREATINE
  • Pre-workout: Gameday, Pre-Kaged, or Bucked Up WOKE
  • Post-workout: Any Whey Protein or Re-Kaged by Kaged Muscle

If this plan sounds like it's right for you then you can download it [HERE].

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nathan lamas
nathan lamas

March 03, 2020

this work out plan has been taking me up higher than ever before in building muscle. My body has always been lean and cut due to cutting weight for wrestling. Now that I’m done with college and wrestling,I started my journey to get BIG results. I found built 4 the hunt last year and saw what they were about and knew I had a place to go for all my workout, supplements, and gear needs. highly recommend this workout program. Will be doing the enduro plan soon.

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