April 29, 2020

When you think of wild turkey, often the first and most heavily populated states that come to mind are Missouri, Kansas & Nebraska. Team B4H began their turkey tour with some early success in Nebraska when Mike Attebery took a beautiful Rio with his bow on pubic land. 

Nebraska offers a unique opportunity for die-hard turkey hunters with an early archery season that begins in the last week of March every year. This made Nebraska an easy choice for the first stop of turkey hunting for the team this spring. Temps stayed low with near temperamental/unpredictable weather and an occasional warm front that offered temps of 50+ degrees. 

Caleb and Mike hunted two weekends in a row finding several flocks that had not begun to break up yet and were not responding to decoys or calls. On the second weekend on a cold, frosty Saturday morning the boys were able to tuck in close to a roosted tom with a couple hens and made the most of their opportunity shortly after.

On the second leg of the tour Caleb & Mike ventured a few hours from home to Kansas to hunt with their friends at Front Runner Outdoors on some nearby walk-in access and public ground. With some help from friends roosting birds the night before, on another cold frosty Saturday morning, the team had a tom come in quick for what they thought was a home-run when Caleb sent an arrow at just after shooting light. Not quite. 

It wasn't until the next day that another opportunity presented itself and Caleb made the most of it, harvesting his first bird of the year in the great state of Kansas. Kansas has proven to be full of opportunity in recent years with no shortage of birds and an abundance of Walk-In access for hunters and anglers across the state. Team B4H has come to Kansas for successful filmed hunts two years in a row now since forming.

Caleb still has one Nebraska tag and Mike still has one Kansas tag and the team has yet to harvest in the home state of Missouri. With about half of the turkey season left, the team will be putting in a solid effort to harvest several more birds on film. 

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