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Check out this blog post from Built4TheHunt Alpha Team member & outdoorsman Matt Blymire:

It was the fall of 2000. As a senior in high school, I remember vividly sitting on one knee after our district football loss and hearing the coach say the words “This will be the last time most of you will play the game again.” Then life began to happen, going to college, graduating college, getting married, working full time. From 185 lbs soaking wet in high school to the mid-240s. My work started a weight loss challenge that I signed up for. Through a much stricter diet and strictly cardio I lost 35 lbs in 3 months and took my weight to 210. I felt good, though I was “in shape”. While I did feel better, I knew I had more work to do.

Photo 1 - Me at my heaviest weight during a hunt in SW Texas in February 2014.

Summer of 2016 I get a Facebook message from an old football teammate that we would be playing an Alumni Football game against our rival school in the fall. I signed up and set a goal of 195 lbs. before the game in October. Again, by a stricter diet and a very heavy cardio workout plan I surpassed my goal and hit 185 lbs on gameday. Again, I felt better than before. But while the game and the experience were a dream come true, I learned something more. Losing weight from a cardio plan and being in shape were not the same thing. I realized my weaknesses in my strength and agility were not what I wanted.

Photo 2 - Me and my sons before my Alumni Football Game in October 2016.

My wife and I decided to join a CrossFit gym in February of 2019. I remember telling the Coach and Owner that I was in shape because I had done some minor weight training and continued my cardio regimen to keep my weight in line. I found out very quickly I was still not in shape. But CrossFit quickly changed that for me. The cardio training gave me a great advantage on endurance on these workouts and I quickly gained strength and overall fitness. Fall of 2019 me and another gym member joined a 2-man CrossFit competition to gain some experience of one and we took the silver medal. Fast forward to winter of 2020 right before Covid. I pulled a deadlift of 435 lbs weighing in at just 185 lbs still. This is a lifetime max for me at the age of 36, 20 years after high school. I was at the pinnacle of my fitness. If I can do this, you can do this. Focus on high water intake, a healthier diet and stay committed to it. I was told “Fitness isn’t available on Amazon prime, it will not come in 2 days.”

Photo 3 - Me with my silver medal at my CrossFit competition in September of 2019.

Photo 4 - My 435lb Deadlift right before COVID shut downs in 2020.


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